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Services & Rates


Healing for the Home

Every house has a personality and energy signature unique to it. Many people living within a house will often feel if something is "off" but often do not know it is actually their house trying to communicate with them. I offer energy readings for the home. This allows the house to communicate its needs, so the family can embrace the energy and flow with it. I also offer these services for properties and buildings. Embracing the energy of the environment you are in will inherently lead to more harmonious living circumstances.

In addition to offering the energy readings, I also offer blessings, *clearings/cleansings, sealings (keeps out negativity), Reiki for the home, and other protections. Each of these services can be purchased individually or as a package.

My travel is included for local services. If your booking is not local, each driving mile past 50 miles will be charged (to and from destination). If service requires additional days stay due to distance, a travel fee will be charged instead (varies depending on location, duration and other factors). Please contact me directly to discuss the options available to see if myself or a team member will be in attendance.

*all clearings/cleansings will have smoke due to burning herbs. If you do not want or unable to have smoke in your location, please let me know beforehand so I can adapt your service accordingly.

Energy Reading - $60 per location

Blessing - $60 per location

Clearing/Cleansing - $60 per location

Sealing - $200 per location (includes cleansing and blessing)

Location Reiki - $120 per location (includes cleansing)


Love and Relationship 

My love and relationship reading, includes each person's personality, strengths, and areas of needed support based on their individual birthdays and tarot messages. This will include astrological, both sun and moon influences, and how these elements affect the overall relationship.  $50


Synchronicity Reading

Do you see repeating numbers, words, or phrases in conversations that seem to be unrelated, but you swear they are? What if I were to tell you that they are personal messages for you from your guides? If you recognize that you are receiving messages but want support in knowing you are not alone and support in understanding that the messages mean, I will help you. $50



Tarot Card Reading with intuitive guidance - My most asked for readings are using my Tarot cards. The Tarot has been used for centuries to help gain guidance. It can offer you the assistance and information you need.  $35

Tarot Reading


Past / Present / Future Tarot Reading

The type of reading is great way to gain insights of the energy surrounding your question from the past, how the current energy is affecting the present, and the possible future outcome. $15


Specific Question & Answers


Ask 5 Questions - $30 

Ask 1 Question - $5

These readings will have an average (1 - 2 paragraph response) per question,

depending on which package is purchased.




Please visit my ETSY Shop for even more detailed information of all sessions offered and how to schedule your session:

​If there is a specific service that you are looking for or have general questions, please contact me via the CONTACT button. I'd love to hear from you!

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