About Me 

Hello and welcome! I'm glad to see you here! I am MoonStone Sage. I am a Spiritual Healer and a Psychic Medium. I grew up in the Sacramento mountains of New Mexico on a remote ranch next to the Mescalero Reservation. As I was growing up, I would have lengthy visits with my best friend’s family and am honored to have been taught and to have participated in cultural and sacred traditions.

My family is from Japan and Hawaii. I visit them often. Throughout my childhood, I have also been taught my own culture and Hawaiian beliefs and legends. Growing to adulthood, I was fortunate to be exposed to the many facets of the physical and spiritual worlds and the thin veil that separates us.


My abilities became evident to my parents at about the age of 3 years. I was blessed to have a mother that recognised that I, too, inherited my abilities and encouraged me to embrace it, to listen, to see, and to understand.

To aid in my abilities, I sometimes integrate many tried and true tools of the ages such as Runes, Tarot, Reiki, pendulums, sticks, fire, and crystals.  These ancient tools that were taught to me by very wise, intuitive, naturally skilled, people and family of many cultures and beliefs.

There are a lot of adjectives that some individuals use to describe people that do what I do: fake, scary, crazy, weird, amazing, and even remarkable. I have come to embrace all of these descriptive words. I understand that to most people; what I do is unfamiliar, illogical, and unscientific to them. All of us have inherent abilities, all of us. Some abilities have been discovered and many still awaiting to be found. The services within my listings are just some of my abilities that I offer to share with you. Together, as strangers, friends, family, and kindred souls are all on the same journey we call life. May we all find our healing and answers through any means the universe tenders to us.

People have often asked me if I do this type of work all the time. The answer is yes; I do this 24/7. It is who I am. I walk between worlds of worlds. It can be overwhelming for me at times. Retreating and grounding myself is often my relief valve.


I attend local events to share my readings, energy work, and items. I occasionally participate in fairs and other expositions in other states. If you are ever at an event and see me, my name, or my booth, please, please, come by and say “hello”! I would love to meet you!

*I have a Master degree in education and my credentials are in resource. I teach students with learning disabilities in 7th-12th grades. I currently live and work on the central coast of California.

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