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 About Me 

Hello and welcome! I'm glad to see you here! I am MoonstoneSage also known as Alana. I am a Spiritual Healer and a Psychic Medium. I grew up in the Sacramento mountains of New Mexico on a remote ranch next to the Mescalero Apache Reservation. As I was growing up, I would have lengthy visits with my best friend’s family and am honored to have been taught and to have participated in cultural and sacred traditions. I have been unofficially adopted into the tribe and am blessed to have friends and family that I visit often.

My family lineage is primarily from Ireland and Japan with Hawaiian influences. Throughout my childhood, I have been taught about the Hawaiian beliefs and legends from the islands. I have a lot of family still in the islands that I am able to reach out to when questions arise. As I grow older, I reflect in how fortunate I really am to be exposed to so many facets of the physical and spiritual worlds among different cultures and being able to see through the thin veil that separates us.

My parents recognized that I had abilities by the time I was 3, although it was unbeknownst to myself. My mother had her own abilities and I was fortunate that she was supportive in them, otherwise I may have grown to think I was crazy. My father has "seen things" in his words but few and far between, although after many decades of being married to my mom and being "in the family" he no longer questions what we say. He's come to trust the words, images, and thoughts and take it as second nature. It only took him the first decade of marriage to admit that possibility that he married into a family of "us." All joking aside, I am lucky that my family was/is so supportive of my abilities and what I do and for that, I say thank you very much.  

The strongest of my abilities is feeling or clairsentience (psychic feeling) and claircognizance (psychic knowing). Even with these, I still have the free will to not listen to my feelings or knowings to which end, I have ended up in some pretty hairy situations to say the least. I experience clairvoyance (psychic seeing), but this is primarily when I am doing mediumship or psychic readings that I will "see" images or people but again, this is in tandem with the feeling and knowing aspects of my abilities. I do experience clairaudience (psychic hearing) from time to time in addition to telepathy. The abilities that I do not experience frequently are clairaugstance (psychic tasting) and clairairalience (psychic smelling), although I experience smells from my own family that has passed but haven't experienced that with other people. Sometimes I will use tools or energy alone to strengthen my abilities and/or readings. I integrate the many tried and true tools of the ages such as runes, tarot cards, Reiki healing, pendulums, sticks, fire, and crystals. These have been taught to me by the elders in my many cultures of living as well as practice and experience. 

There are a lot of adjectives that some individuals use to describe people that do what I do: fake, scary, crazy, weird, amazing, and even remarkable. I have come to embrace all of these descriptive words. I understand that to most people; what I do is unfamiliar, illogical, and unscientific to them. All of us have inherent abilities, all of us. Some abilities have been discovered and many are still waiting to be found. The services within my listings are just some of my abilities that I offer to share with you. Together, as strangers, friends, and kindred souls, we are all on the same journey we call life. May we all find our healing together.

People have often asked me if I do this type of work all the time, while the answer is technically yes, I do take breaks. The energy, messages, and guidance are 24/7 for me. It can sometimes be overwhelming but in reality, I do not know how I would live my life without it. As I have gotten older, I have come to realize the importance of boundaries, whether it is on the energy of the person standing in line next to you, the driver in the car at the stoplight, or someone you physically (or mentally) have in your life. By having these "boundaries" it allows me a break and be in my own energy for awhile. It's quiet. But it takes a conscious effort. So, while I am "working" 24/7, there are conscious breaks from the energy, but this should be everyone's policy. A person cannot continue to give, give, and give some more while trying to keep their own cup full. The more tired and exhausted I am, the less I am able to help others. While it feels selfish, taking care of the self should be of the utmost importance. So, this was a long winded answer to say, yes but it's a two part solution.

In addition to the website and online shop, I attend local events to share my readings, energy work, and items. I occasionally participate in fairs and other expositions in other states but have since had to put a halt on that while the world figures out which way is up and which way is down for the year 2020. In the future, if you are ever at an event and see me, my name, or my booth, please, please, come by and say “hello”! I would love to meet you! You can check out my "events" tab to keep updated on where we will be setting up shop, otherwise, email or Facebook is always open. 

And since I've been getting questions about what I do for my "day" job, I work in Special Education. I have my Master's in teaching and credentialed to work with children from kindergarten to seniors in high school. I am also credentialed to teach in the general education classroom, but special education is my home for now. I have also considered going to get my art credential but think I will keep that as a "just for fun" thing at the moment. Thank you for coming by and reading a bit about me.  

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