14k Gold Personalized Necklace - Monogrammed

14k Gold Personalized Necklace - Monogrammed

SKU: d187f70a

This is a beautiful necklace that can be personalized and is 14K yellow gold with an included, 18inch chain.


Are you looking for a unique necklace to add to your collection, something that will pair well with all your other necklace styles? This 14K gold initial necklace will make the perfect addition!


There are so many different ways you could personalize this 14K gold necklace. For instance, you could have engraved your initials, your partner’s initials, your pet’s initials, your family initial, or your best friend’s initials!

Whether you are looking for yourself or for someone else, this 14K gold monogram initial necklace will be cherished for years to come.


--------NECKLACE DETAILS--------

Metal: Yellow Gold 
Chain: 18inch Gold Chain
Size: 1/2inch wide


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Gold is an element that has been sought after for centuries. While its physical value and attributes are high, there is a spiritual aspect of gold that many are not familiar with. Gold is a symbol of everything being “all that is” and allows the purity to come forth. The energy of gold can be used to balance, stimulate, and enhance energies of other elements it is paired with as well as activating the third eye and crown chakras. Gold can help balance emotional traumas and mood swings while supporting the ability to deal with stress and strengthen positive feelings. Physically, gold has been used in many different forms. It is known to help the endocrine system, regenerate tissue and skeletal structures, along with numerous other claims to health.

  • Return Policy

    Due to this being a personalized item, it is not returnable unless there is damage in craftmanship, it is up to our discretion if a return is deemed necessary. Buyer is responsible for all return shipping costs and additional customs and taxes if necessary. Total returned will be cost of item, less above charges stated. Please double and triple check your personalization - there will be no returns accepted because of a misspelling or other typo.