Custom Manifestation Candle

Custom Manifestation Candle


This is truly a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience an engaging, custom making candle journey. 


YOU choose your color shade. YOU choose the scent. YOU write the intention. Then I design a candle just for you. We walk the journey together and you get a really awesome candle that will help you spiritually, mentally, psychically and sometimes, even physically. 


((If you are unsure what kind of candle you would like, choose "undecided" for scent and color and tell me in the personalization section - I will intuitively make a candle for your highest good.))


This particular custom candle design is for an 8oz candle, in a colorful tin, topped with healing crystals, flowers and/or herbs. 


If you have an intention or if you need help on figuring out what a good intention would be for you right now, write me. Together, we will manifest an idea of creation for you. If you are buying this for a fellow human, then we can create an intention plan for them.


Each candle is 100% soy wax, hand poured, and Reiki charged by me (MoonstoneSage). 

As with all handmade items, there will be variations from product to product but rest assured, my standards are high.


*Pictures shown on this listing are samples of prior 8oz candles created. Your product received will be custom to YOUR order. If you would like me to make a candle that you see from the photos, just comment on which one you like and I can make that one for you.


Based on your intention, I design the crystals, flowers and/or herbs that are included on your candle. Every crystal has a different energy pattern and based on your intention, I pair the best crystals for it along with the best pairs for the flowers and/or herbs. (If you have specific requests, please let me know.) 


Please follow the burn instructions included with  your candle! By not following the burn instructions, it will cause the candle to tunnel (not fun) and burn unevenly. *sad face*


If you are looking for more of a short burning candle experience (less than 3 hours at a time), my tea lights may be a better choice for your needs. Each tea light has the same ability to be customized and come in sets of 4 or 8. 


Please review the fire safety label on your candle bottom, and in general be safe with your candle. Candle is not for consumption. Be sure to keep out of drafts, never walk with your candle while hot, never leave unattended, always burn with supervision and out of reach of those that should not be playing with fire.


(Got to put in the disclaimers, I wish this part was as fun as it is to design your candles!)