Deathly Hallows - Copper Orgonite Necklace

Deathly Hallows - Copper Orgonite Necklace

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A wonderful gift to yourself or fellow human! I absolutely adore this piece as it incorporates orgonite magic, energy and clearing with the Deathly Hallows symbol, most commonly seen and recognized among the Harry Potter fans! And this piece is different than traditional pieces as it uses solely copper energy as its harmonizer. The pendant itself is approximately 1.57inches (4cm) in diameter. 


Orgonite has many uses but the top reasons to have an orgonite piece within your space are to help rid the area of negative energy, have more support in getting restful sleep and aid lucid dreams, helps increase the depth of meditations, balance mood and emotional responses, reduce and relieve stress, and overall promote a healthy living environment for you, your fellow humans, animals, and plants. Since this piece is in the form of jewelry, you will always a piece of calm with you. 


Copper is a conduit for electrical purposed within our environment but it is also a conduit for our subtle bodies between our physical and astral selves. Copper is used to amplify energy and can be looked upon and used as a good luck totem. The base and sacral chakras are activated by Copper and can thrust a person forward in understanding and knowing their intuition, embracing their vitality, sexuality, and desire for life! While it allows the opening of these avenues, it allows one to stop and recognize their current blockages they have in their lives and what is preventing them from moving forward. Physically, Copper can be used to help balance blood disorders within the body and help with the inflammation of joints and other soft tissues within the body.

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