Mindroling Monastery Incense  - Tibet

Mindroling Monastery Incense - Tibet

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This incense has been prepared according to the recipe of the great master Terchen Rigzin Gyurme Dorje. It has a very special fragrance and it is widely used to make offerings to Buddha.


It contains mang, which is a precious substance utilized in the Tibetan medical tradition. This incense also has white and red sandalwood, musk, Saffron, borneol, clove and an additional proprietary mix of herbs.

Mindroling incense can help people with their self-cultivation, helps with refreshment, and to negate negative energy, spirits, and illnesses. It also helps calm the mind to reach a higher level of meditation while helping quell anxiety and worries. 


Each order contains about 50, hand rolled  incense sticks.

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