Orgonite Pyramid - Obsidian

Orgonite Pyramid - Obsidian

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This pyramid is made with a base of obsidian stones, which is very good for protection, grounding, and getting rid of negative energy. The energy is enhanced by using both gold and copper within the pyramid and allowing the energy to flow through. This pyramid is a grand addition to any room or environment!


This pyramid is available in different sizes: 
1.57 x 1.57 x 1.57inches (4cm)
1.96 x 1.96 x 1.96inches (5cm)
2.36 x 2.36 x 2.36inches (6cm)
2.75 x 2.75 x 2.75inches (7cm)

3.14 x 3.14 x 3.14inches (8cm)

Orgonite pyramids have many uses but the top reasons to have an orgonite pyramid within your space are to help rid the area of negative energy, have more support in getting restful sleep and aid lucid dreams, helps increase the depth of meditations, balance mood and emotional responses, reduce and relieve stress, and overall promote a healthy living environment for you, your fellow humans, animals, and plants.

This stone is one that helps with honesty and truth. Obsidian is a very protective and grounding stone that forms a shield from negativity. It helps draw out tension and mental stress of those around the stone. This stone helps encourage people to explore unknown paths and have the confidence to move forward. Obsidian dissolves emotional blockages and traumas from past and present lives. Physically, Obsidian will warm the extremities and helps with joint inflammation, arthritis, cramps and digestion challenges.



Gold is an element that has been sought after for centuries. While its physical value and attributes are high, there is a spiritual aspect of gold that many are not familiar with. Gold is a symbol of everything being “all that is” and allows the purity to come forth. The energy of gold can be used to balance, stimulate, and enhance energies of other elements it is paired with as well as activating the third eye and crown chakras. Gold can help balance emotional traumas and mood swings while supporting the ability to deal with stress and strengthen positive feelings. Physically, gold has been used in many different forms. It is known to help the endocrine system, regenerate tissue and skeletal structures, along with numerous other claims to health.



Copper is a conduit for electrical purposed within our environment but it is also a conduit for our subtle bodies between our physical and astral selves. Copper is used to amplify energy and can be looked upon and used as a good luck totem. The base and sacral chakras are activated by Copper and can thrust a person forward in understanding and knowing their intuition, embracing their vitality, sexuality, and desire for life! While it allows the opening of these avenues, it allows one to stop and recognize their current blockages they have in their lives and what is preventing them from moving forward. Physically, Copper can be used to help balance blood disorders within the body and help with the inflammation of joints and other soft tissues within the body.


This item is handmade:
As with all handmade items, there will be slight variations from item to item which makes them that much more unique!