Red Sesame Jasper - Bracelet

Red Sesame Jasper - Bracelet

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The Rocky Stone Beaded Bracelet - Red Sesame Jasper

Red Sesame Jasper has light shades of brick red and grey streaks, and areas of translucent quartz inclusions. Well-polished, red sesame jasper has a smooth finish.


- 8mm Natural Red Sesame Jasper Stone Beads

- 316L Stainless Steel

- Multiple Sizes to Fit All Wrists

- Elastic Stretch Cord

- Everwood Etched Logo



S/M - fits a wrist size between 7" to 8"

L/XL - fits a wrist size between 8" to 9"


Red Jasper
Jasper is a stone that is a wellness stone that will help support a person through times of stress and brings a peaceful feeling of being whole. Jasper will absorb negative emotions, energy from the environment and helps a person remain balanced and grounded. Jasper aids in supporting a person that needs to be alert and quick in their thinking and helps one remain organized within their environments, whether it is home, work, or school. Red Jasper helps a person feel righted in situations that were unjust, provides guidance in situations that are difficult, helps with recalling dreams and their meanings. Red Jasper, physically, helps detoxify the body systems of toxins especially those found within the circulatory system. Red Jasper is associated with the base chakra and helps stimulate desire and passion.


Quartz is a stone that amplifies the energy, intent and thoughts. It is known to be a master healer stone and will magnify the energy of any stone that it is paired with. The quartz will take off negative energy and neutralize it and other toxic energy in the body and environment. This stone will balance and revitalize all of the natural planes of the body and clears the physical body and organs of toxins. Quartz will help support and enhance psychic abilities while aiding concentration and memory. Quartz will balance all of the chakras but is mainly associated with the crown chakra.