Himalayan Skull Salt Lamp

Himalayan Skull Salt Lamp

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A skull lamp that is filled with himalyan salt that can be an addition as a night light, other room environment, and even used as an altar focal point. Each of these areas would experience the benefits of having the himalyan salt present and allow the positive energy to flow. 


The skull itself measures: 
5inches (14cm) long x 4.9inches (12.5cm) wide x 4.3inches (11cm) height

USB plug (included) that plugs into wall charger port, LED light, dimmable
(wall charger is not included)

Himalyan Salt
Himalyan salt is known and revered for being one of the universal tools to healing. Himalyan salt is also known as “Pink Halite” and is technically, an edible crystal. It has many properties that are similar to rose quartz and helps supporting people in drawing healthy boundaries. Spiritually, salt in itself, has been used as a protection element, getting rid of negative energy, and has also been a main ingredient in ceremonies and rituals. Himalyan salt has a gentle energy that is able to keep one grounded while helping to purify the air.