Smudging Bundle - Sage, Palo Santo & Your Choice Crystal

Smudging Bundle - Sage, Palo Santo & Your Choice Crystal

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Clear your space from negative energies with these handmade Palo Santo & Sage smudging bundles that each come with a crystal of your choice!


Additional meanings for your available choices are below.


Sage is a popular garden herb that is used in many culinary dishes but also has magical properties that people have revered for centuries. While sage has been used to promote wisdom and lucking bringing, sage is also looked upon for its protective properties. Sage can be burned for purify the air and expel negative energies, while typically burned, sage itself can be used in other ways to help purify and protect its users and family.


Palo Santo
Palo Santo wood has become more popular over the past decade and many people have at least heard of it before. For those that are not more familiar with its origins, Palo Santo comes from South America and has been used for centuries. It is used for both physical and spiritual purification ceremonies. The energy and tree spirits reside within the wood and when combined with fire, expel any negativity and stimulates the ability to self to have direct contact with the Divine and maintain positive energy.


Choices available:

Citrine is a stone that is used to energize the energy on every level. It is a stone that has been used for centuries to open your intuition and clear the chakra bodies. While it is intellectually stimulating, citrine helps motivate a person to be the best that they can be, raises a persona’s self-esteem and confidence, while balancing all emotions. Citrine is one of the few stones that never has to be cleansed as it is always cleansing itself. I always keep a piece of citrine around my other stones to help keep their charges cleared for longer periods of time. Physically, Citrine helps those with diabetes, imbalances in hormones or chemicals, helps blood circulation and more. Citrine helps those harmonize to live their lives in prosperity and happiness.


Kyanite is a stone that is used for meditation and personal attunement. It is one of the few stones, like Citrine, that does not retain any negative energy and does not need to be cleared regularly. Kyanite itself will help the chakras align with each other and helps the energy body balance and remove blockages. Since the energy body is balanced, it directly impacts the physical body as it allows the energy to flow freely. Kyanite will encourage and promote psychic abilities and communication on the levels available – physical, psychically, spiritually, divine etc. For this purpose, Kyanite is very beneficial to have when trying to connect with spirit guides. Physically, Kyanite can help the glandular system, throat, brain and help lower blood pressure and rid the body of infections. Blue Kyanite specifically relates to the throat chakra and will open this chakra up. In addition to the regular properties of Kyanite, Blue Kyanite helps clear one’s fear and personal blocks in their lives. It is a useful stone to use or gift to public speakers or performers. Physically, Blue Kyanite will help with sore throats and conditions with the larynx.


Crystal Quartz
Crystal quartz is a stone that amplifies the energy, intent and thoughts. It is known to be a master healer stone and will magnify the energy of any stone that it is paired with. The Crystal Quartz will take off negative energy and neutralize it and other toxic energy in the body and environment. This stone will balance and revitalize all of the natural planes of the body and clears the physical body and organs of toxins. Crystal Quartz will help support and enhance psychic abilities while aiding concentration and memory. Crystal Quartz will balance all of the chakras but is mainly associated with the crown chakra.


Tourmaline helps in understanding others and oneself while helping to address fears and raise confidence. This stone attracts compassionate understanding, inspiration and good luck with prosperity. This stone helps mental balance and helps calm paranoia, supports dyslexia conditions, and helps people improve their hand-eye coordination. This stone enhances the energy within the body and helps people remove the blocks that are preventing them from moving forward in their lives. Black Tourmaline, also known as Schorl, helps protect and repels negative energy in an environment and around people. Overall, it helps ground, protect, and increase emotional, mental, and physical well-being.


These items are handmade:
As with all handmade items, there will be slight variations from item to item which makes them that much more unique!


Please follow safe burning practices such as: burning sage and palo santo must not be left unattended. Please do not allow this product to burn without supervision. Extinguish the smoke once you have cleansed your space.