Wrapped Tree of Life Pendant Necklace

Wrapped Tree of Life Pendant Necklace

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These necklaces make a beautiful addition to any outfit or occasion. Adorned with the tree of life, it makes a statement and can be a conversation piece. The stones each have their own meaning which is discussed more below.

length: 1.1 - 1.25inches (28-32mm)
width: 0.3-0.5inches (9-12mm)
height: 1.57 - 1.77inches (40-45mm)


Howlite (Turquoise)
Howlite helps calms the mind and allows natural sleep to occur. This is especially helpful when the wearer is suffering from insomnia. Howlite helps people identify and create ambitions and the steps necessary to reach goals. A stone that is helpful is strengthening the memory and helps motivate those to learn more. This stone helps eliminate anger and teaches patience, ultimately, a calming stone. Physically, this stone will help arthritis and other ailments to the bones such as osteoporosis, strengthen teeth etc.


Jasper is a stone that is a wellness stone that will help support a person through times of stress and brings a peaceful feeling of being whole. Jasper will absorb negative emotions, energy from the environment and helps a person remain balanced and grounded. Jasper aids in supporting a person that needs to be alert and quick in their thinking and helps one remain organized within their environments, whether it is home, work, or school. Red Jasper helps a person feel righted in situations that were unjust, provides guidance in situations that are difficult, helps with recalling dreams and their meanings. Red Jasper, physically, helps detoxify the body systems of toxins especially those found within the circulatory system. Red Jasper is associated with the base chakra and helps stimulate desire and passion.


Green Aventurine
Green Aventurine is associated with the heart chakra and is used to heal the heart. It is a comfort stone and helps the wearer block electromagnetic energy from the computer, television, and other devices that emit the frequency. Green aventurine helps with digestive issues. Aventurine as a whole is known as a prosperity stone and will help the wearer be more compassionate and empathetic. It helps encourage positive emotions, encourages one to persevere in adversity, and reinforces a person to be decisive.


Tiger Eye
Tiger's eye is known for being a protector and can also be worn as a good luck talisman. Tiger eye will help a person remain focused while remaining clear in thought, support the wearer to remain objective in situations, and supports not making emotionally based decisions. This stone can be used to heal illnesses brought on by the mind and helps reduce anxiety. Tiger’s eye can be used to re-balance the energy body to help with emotional healing, as well as supporting self-confidence, courage, and the ability needed to take advantage of opportunity. 


Opalite is a synthetic (man-made) glass that is known as Tiffany Stone, Opalised Fluorite, and Purple Opal. Although it is synthetic, it still has energy it carries and supports. Opalite is known for being a subtle energy stone, yet highly active and is a great stone to carry when meditating. Opalite improves communication in the spiritual, psychic, and physical realms – on all levels. While helping open communication airwaves, Opalite helps transitions go smoother and promotes endurance to never give up. Physically, Opalite is good for sexual experiences and stabilizing emotional bursts. It also helps detoxify the blood, specifically with the kidneys.


Ukanite is a stone that balances emotional bodies and spiritual while allowing the wearer to see more clearly. It is a stone of vision and provides both the perspective and grounding needed. Ukanite allows the new beginning transitions to come more at ease and helps the physical body recover more quickly from illness and surgery.


Amethyst is known for being a very powerful stone and a protector of the space (or person) that is using it. Amethyst guards against any attacks that are psychic, ill wished, general harm and helps keep electromagnetic interference at bay. Amethyst will help to relieve stress, anxiety, anger, and helps keep a person and environment balanced and clear. Amethyst also helps stimulate the higher self and helps to open psychic abilities, while helping a person stay focused. Amethyst encourages self-reflection and growth.


Rose Quartz
Rose quartz is one of the most well-known stones and rightfully so as it represents love. It helps restore any loss of trust and helps open the heart chakra to encourage the wearer to give and receive unconditional love. This stone helps a person work on deeper levels of themselves and finding inner healing and feeling of peace and acceptance. Rose quartz help balance the physical body and heart in addition to the circulatory system. 


This item is handmade:
As with all handmade items, there will be slight variations from item to item which makes them that much more unique!