Zodiac Planters

Zodiac Planters

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These are cute planters than are custom to your (or others) zodiac sign. These planters are made out of resin and are a perfect addition to an altar, desktop, bookshelf, bathroom etc. 

There is a drainage hole on the bottom of the planter. 

These planters are a good size for a succulent plant. Be sure not to overwater them, as they are prone to root rot.


According to (https://succulentalley.com/spiritual-meaning-of-succulent-plants/)"Plants according to feng shui can emit different types of energy and this will depend on the shape of their leaves, their flowers, their aromas and their longevity. For feng shui, plants store energy by capturing the sun's rays to carry out photosynthesis. This trapped solar energy (Yang energy) is transformed into Ying energy by converting light energy into chemical energy through the synthesis of organic compounds that supply food to plants. This makes them excellent for balancing the Chi of the space or room where they are, bringing vitality, beauty and harmony to it.

The succulents generally are among preferred by followers of Feng Shui to place indoors. They are plants that by accumulating water in their leaves show an evergreen and lush appearance. They are also quite resistant and require little care, for this reason they are considered plants that attract positive energy of abundance, activators of Chi."