Paranormal Investigations

Scientific Paranormal Investigations (SPI) is located in the beautiful valley of Lompoc, on the central coast of California.  What began as a hobby quickly turned into a way of helping people. When people began reaching out to SPI with stories and questions, one of the leaders, Steve, embraced the experience to become a helper in the community and united with the rest of the team members. 

The team uses a variety of tools from a full-spectrum camera, which enables video and pictures to show what we cannot see with the human eye. Along with the camera, the team also uses a real-time EVP recorder, electromagnetic frequency (EMF) sensors, and every day tools like a thermometer to record the environmental temperature and its changes.

If a person believes that are having paranormal activity that cannot be explained, SPI invites you to reach out and contact them with your questions and concerns. The team prides themselves in being discreet, thorough, and honest with their findings. There are different pricing packages available that are individual to your specific needs.


If you would like to schedule an investigation of your home or business, please contact:


Jack Plissken