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Self-care for today

Ask what area you need to focus on to help yourself today and choose a card.


Scroll down to see your answer. 

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You Chose Number 1 - Patience

You chose Patience. By choosing this card, it shows that you need to stop and enjoy the current moment and not be in such a rush to get to the end. Rather than taking action, you are being prompted to reflect and evaluate the progress you have made so far and take the time to pace yourself. You are encouraged to be patient and still. This stillness will ensure that you receive clear guidance on what steps are needed to move forward in your  journey. Listen to your intuition and hear what it says.

You Chose Number 2 - Follow Your Dreams

You chose Follow Your Dreams. By choosing this card, you are being encouraged and nudged to put your hopes and your dreams into the forefront of your mind and focus and believe that without a doubt, they will come true. Positive thinking really does help in manifesting your dreams and the more positive you are in your thinking, the more dreams you will manifest. Accept that you have no control over the how and when things happen but just know that they will happen. Believe in yourself.

You Chose Number 3 - Nature

You chose Nature. By choosing this card, it shows that you are currently ungrounded and need to take the steps to become balanced. Nature has a natural ability to heal and replenish you when you are tired, restless, anxious, depressed - unbalanced. Even taking 10 minutes to walk outside in the grass, beach sand, or meditating that you are in nature, will not only enhance your connection with yourself, but allow your physical body to heal. When your physical body feels well, your mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies do too. You are being encouraged to spend more time outdoors or meditate of the outdoors if you are not able to readily access the outside. Vitamin D from the sun, fresh air and barefoot on the ground will help you feel better!

You Chose Number 4 - Self-Love

You chose Self-Love. By choosing this card, this is encouraging you to draw your attention on loving and believing in yourself! You are encouraged to begin and/or further develop a relationship with your higher-self and the self you see in the mirror, every single day. This relationship will prove key in helping you manifest your own happiness and realize your dreams, embrace who you are today and do not focus on any shortcomings. It is time to become your own best friend and replace any negativity with positive affirmations, as hard as this may be, practice will make it easier. Every time you see your reflection, say "I love you." You are worthy. You are lovable. You are you for a reason. You are enough. Love yourself and mean it.

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