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Services & Rates


Tarot Card Reading with my intuition  (most popular) - My most asked for readings is using my Tarot cards. The Tarot has been used for centuries to help gain guidance. It can offer you the assistance and information you may need to hear.  $45

Most Popular Reading


Love and Relationship 

Another popular reading is my love and relationship readings. It includes each person's personality, strengths, and areas of needed support based on their individual birthdays. This will include astrological, both sun and moon influences, and how these elements affect the overall relationship.  $50


Personality Reading

Have you ever wondered what makes you tick? Why you like and dislike certain things? This reading offers you an in-depth look at your deeper self and provides you with the opportunity to understand yourself.   $65


Synchronicity Reading

Do you see repeating numbers, words, or phrases in conversations that seem to be unrelated, but you swear they are? What if I were to tell you that they are personal messages for you from your guides? If you recognize that you are receiving messages but want support in knowing you are not alone and support in understanding that the messages mean, I will help you. $50



Mediumship Reading

Hear from a loved one who has passed on. Receive messages from beyond. All readings must be conducted by telephone, Skype, or in person. It is highly recommended that you take notes and/or record the session.   $85

*If there is no connection made, a full refund will be given. I do not have control over who comes in to make a connection, no refunds will be given based on "who" comes through


Past * Present * Future

The type of reading is great way to gain insights of the energy surrounding your question from the past, how the current energy is affecting the present, and the possible future outcome. $15


Pendulum Reading

This reading is for a one question that has a YES or NO answer. I will ask additional questions surrounding yours that will offer a more complete message rather than just a simple yes or no. This will help support you in getting the clearest answer possible. $2


Question & Answer Reading

Tarot and Intuition


Ask 5 Questions - $30 

Ask 1 Question - $7

These readings will have an average (1 - 2 paragraph response) per question,

depending on which package is purchased.


   Home Blessing 


   Home Cleansing

Have you just moved into your new home? Would you like to start with fresh, vibrant, loving energy, and bless your new abode? Or has your dwelling turned into just that, one that harbors bumps in the night? 


I bless and cleanse your home so your family can live, love, and enjoy your life with your loved ones. 

Blessing and Cleansing are considered 2 different services and is charged accordingly.  $50 to $3500 (every session is unique and individually specific). Please contact me directly for more information.




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​If there is a specific service that you are looking for or have general questions, please contact me via the CONTACT button. I'd love to hear from you!